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The misunderstandings deepen this week as Tavleen plots to destroy the Brar household in Sony SAB’s Dil Diyaan Gallaan

Sony SAB’s Dil Diyaan Gallaan is a family drama that sheds light on a family separated by both physical and emotional disparities. The show talks about the impact of misunderstandings, lack of communication, and unexpressed emotions, which contribute to conflicts among three generations. Since, Tavleen’s (Jayati Bhatia) entry on the show, the Brar family has witnessed some high voltage drama with Rana (Ravi Gossain) committing a murder and being hunted down by the police for it.
The next few episodes will see the whole Brar family in turmoil after Rana is found guilty of killing Khushwant’s goon. Veer (Paras Arora) and Maan (Sandeep Baswana) do their level best to hide him from the police and succeed in doing so. Rana is in no position to face the punishment and leaves the family divided yet again with Dilpreet and Maan at loggerheads over the way they try to save Rana. With Maan and Dilpreet locking horns once again, will the misunderstandings fuelled by Tavleen (Jayati Bhatia) start growing again in the Brar family?
Pankaj Barry, who essays the role of Dilpreet Brar, said, “Dilpreet’s intentions are never to hurt anyone or any life in danger but when he sees Rana in despair, his fatherly instinct kicks in and he realises that Rana is in no state to be thrown into jail. In a desperate bid to save Rana, Dilpreet agrees to let someone else take the blame. While Dilpreet’s actions may contradict his sentiments sometimes, his heart is always in the right place. It will be tough for the viewers to understand Dilpreet at first, but I’m sure they will see there is a lot more to it.”
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