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Will Rashi leave Pushpa’s home to live with Dilip on Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible?

Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible follows the journey of Pushpa (Karuna Pandey), a strong and independent woman who conquers all with her go-getter attitude and optimistic outlook on life. Being a single mother, Pushpa not only provides for her children but also follows her dreams; be it giving her boards exams or earning for her family. Having faced many challenges including dealing with her conniving ex-husband (Jayesh More), Pushpa continues to look at a brighter tomorrow. 

The upcoming track follows Pushpa’s daughter Rashi (Deshna Duggad) getting caught in a sticky situation where she’s forced to make a choice between her parents. When Dilip (Jayesh More) organises a surprise screening for Rashi and her friends on her birthday, she sneaks off without telling Pushpa. Worried, Pushpa goes looking for her and is shocked to find her watching the film. In anger, Pushpa drags Rashi to Dilip’s house and asks to pick between moving to Dilip’s house or staying with her. What will Rashi choose?

Will Rashi leave her mother’s home to go live with Dilip?
Jayesh More, who plays the character of Dilip, said, “Rashi is extremely impressionable, and Dilip has used that to his advantage. His goal is to turn Pushpa’s children against her by making them think she is the sole cause of everything bad in their lives. Dilip’s affections are often masked by his wealth, and he manipulates Rashi because of her innocence and naivety. With this next sabotage, he’s going to put both Pushpa and Rashi in a very tough spot. It will be interesting to see if he succeeds in his motives.”

Stay tuned and watch Pushpa Impossible, Mon-Sat, 9:30 PM for more twists only on Sony SAB

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