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Will Pushpa be able to decode the truth behind Dharam’s identity, Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible ?

Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible is a portrayal of a woman’s unconventional journey to earn a life of dignity for herself. It tells the story of Pushpa Patel, a single mother who is determined to provide the best life possible for her children. In the upcoming episodes, the show will introduce us to a new character which will bring yet another astounding twist when Dharam Raidhan (Jayesh More) comes face to face with his wife Vasundhara (Deepali Pansare) from Canada and Pushpa’s (Karuna Pandey) reaction to everything happening around her.
In the story so far, Pushpa’s family is seen brimming with emotions as they try to figure out Dharam’s real identity, be it by checking fingerprints or DNA tests. Pushpa is found in a state of confusion between decoding Dharam’s behaviour and focusing on her prelims. 

The way Dharam’s real identity unfolds in front of everyone will be a nail-biting watch for the viewers!
Karuna Pandey who plays the role of Pushpa says,” The turmoil faced by Pushpa in the upcoming episodes will keep the viewers gripped to their seats. It is not often that the emotions of women are portrayed strongly on a show. Getting a platform and a character to portray such emotions is an opportunity for an actor to display their potential. Pushpa’s life has come to a crossroads with this situation, she is emotionally and mentally in a tough spot. How she will find her way out of this is going to be no less than a life test for her.”

Stay tuned and watch Pushpa Impossible, Mon-Sat, 9:30 PM for more nerve-wracking twists only on Sony SAB

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