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Will the reality of the monetary transaction done, help the Brar families burry their differences in Sony SAB’s Dil Diyaan Gallaan?

Sony SAB’s family drama Dil Diyaan Gallaan based on migration and misunderstandings is about to enter a gripping phase. The show revolves around a Punjabi family that is torn apart by distance and differences. In the upcoming episodes, Amrita (Kaveri Priyam), Riya (Hema Sood) and Dilpreet (Pankaj Berry) follow a trail that leads them to the truth about the dollar transactions. 
In the story so far, Dilpreet is seen getting angry over villagers blacking out Maan’s face. Amrita, Riya and Dilpreet come together to find out more about the dollar transaction with respect to the hospital land. This will take them on ‘rocky’ path as they will come face to face with the truth. Who sent the money? Where did it come from? 

Will the Brar family solve this mystery together?
Kaveri Priyam, who plays the character of Amrita Brar, said “The grandfather and grandchild bond is a very special bond and we have seen this in the show as well. If Dilpreet (Pankaj Berry) senses Amrita my character is caught in a situation, he instinctively shows up. And this is what is getting them closer and strengthening their bond. With the next few episodes showcasing Amrita following the money trail, Dilpreet’s protectiveness will create a new level of emotional understanding between them both. I really hope the audience continues to enjoy their camaraderie on screen and keeps showing us love.”

Tune in to watch Dil Diyaan Gallaan on Sony SAB every Monday to Saturday at 7.30 PM

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