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Man gets a new lease of life after limb salvage surgery for rare hip-bone cancerCancerous hip socket removed

Chandigarh,  A 47-year-old Punjabi lecturer at Kurukshetra got a new lease of life after his rare kind of bone cancer patient was treated successfully by doctors at Max Hospital, Mohali recently.
The patient had a pain in the left groin and hip region along with a limp while walking for almost 3-4 months. The condition was gradually worsening over time. He visited many centers earlier, where he was given painkiller medications but was not able to get any relief. At Max, a thorough detailed examination was done by a team of experts and the x-rays showed the hip socket being eaten up with the tumors.
Dr. Rajat Gupta, senior consultant orthopedic oncology said, “A probable diagnosis of bone cancer was made and the patient was subjected to CT-guided percutaneous needle biopsy. A small chunk of bone was taken with the help of a needle and was sent for analysis under a microscope, which confirmed the diagnosis of a rare kind of bone cancer ‘chondrosarcoma’ of the acetabulum. Thankfully, the patient reached us on time and the cancer had not spread to any other part of the body."
The patient was taken up for limb salvage surgery where the cancerous hip socket was removed in one piece.
Dr. Pankaj Arora, director radiation oncology informed that the hip socket was sent to radiation oncology department where a very high dose of radiation was given which killed all cancer cells.
He further said that the cleaned-up bone was then obtained back and was fixed back with plates and screws.
The patient was kept on physiotherapy protocols and advised for follow-up. The patient is now disease-free and can carry out all his daily routine activities.
Dr. Rajat said,” The timely intervention by a bone cancer specialist was the key to a successful outcome in this case. Bone cancer can bring anyone’s life to a standstill mainly because of the misconceptions associated with it and ignorance about the disease, not only among the patients but also among the clinicians”.

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