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Path-breaking Orthopaedic Protocol ‘Fast Track Joint Replacements’ Unveiled.

Chandigarh, February 20, 2021:  Traditional joint surgeries may now be passé, Tricity based ‘Healing Multispeciality Hospital’ has unveiled the  ‘Fast Track Technique Knee Resurfacing’ at its premises, in Sector 34, here.

On this occasion, an award-winning joint replacement surgeon, Dr. Tarandeep Singh Gill also joined the hospital as Senior Consultant of the Department of Orthopaedics, Joint Replacement & Sports Medicine. Dr. Gill has vast experience in joint replacement surgeries and has been a part of leading medical institutes, both in India and abroad. He has been awarded the prestigious Fellowships in Arthroplasty and Reconstructive Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine from two different institutes in Germany, namely Saint Josef Hospital and Arcus Sports Hospital.

Mr. Sahibjit Singh Sandhu, Managing Partner of Healing Hospital heartily welcomed Dr. Gill and said, “We are privileged to have Dr. Gill at Healing Hospital and firmly believe that his vast experience will give a new dimension to orthopedic care in the region. We at Healing Hospital are truly committed to delivering affordable healthcare services to patients with a strong belief in 'ethical and transparent medical practice'. It is indeed a moment of pride for the hospital as we have added to our orthopaedic repertoire a path-breaking protocol 'Fast Track Joint Replacements'."

Under Fast Track Joint Replacements, 'Knee Resurfacing' an advanced stitch-less technique of knee surgery has also been introduced, as knee problems have been exponentially increasing even among younger & middle-aged people.

While explaining the new surgical technique, Dr. Gill said, “Fast Track Knee resurfacing is an operative procedure that addresses the cartilage (joint surface lining) defects in the knee joint and improves pain and function. It is an advanced procedure which does not require skin staples & can help patients walk in as early as 3-hours after the procedure. There is no need to give the Epidural injection in the back before the surgery. Patients stop using a walker or stick much earlier when compared with the traditional knee surgery. Stair climbing ability is also much faster. Also the hospital stay is shorter. Since the recovery of the patients is faster, the procedure is bracketed under 'Fast Track Joint Replacements'."

He added, "What makes knee resurfacing different from a total knee replacement is that only a thin layer of damaged knee cartilage which is worn, often due to arthritis is shaved off and resurfaced using metal implant caps and the cuts which are needed are as minimal as 2mm-8mm. It is the preferred surgical method of treatment for physically active, young or middle aged patients who do not have a very severe knee arthritis."

The technique could be boon for younger and middle aged patients suffering from knee pain, as they can lead a much longer physically active life with 'resurfacing', as the whole knee is not replaced like it is done in a traditional knee surgery. 

Apart from Fast Track Knee Resurfacing, the hospital offers several other services in its orthopaedics department such as, Total Knee Replacement, Partial Knee Replacement, Total and Partial Hip Replacement, Shoulder & Elbow Replacement, ACL/PCL Reconstruction, Arthroscopic Rotator cuff repair and Revision Joint Replacement Surgery etc.

Healing Hospital has established itself as a comprehensive healthcare provider in the region. The hospital prides itself in offering a blend of the finest medical and surgical skills, delivered with compassion and a patient-centric approach.

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