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Punjab has the highest number of students migrating to the US

Chandigarh:Bhatta informs that a large number of Punjabi Indians for whom the U.S. holds great academic allure the US," says Dilli Bhatta, lead attorney at
The world economy is currently going through an upheaval and even though Indian students in the U.S. are experiencing the impact of inflation, their commitment to getting a world-class education in some of the best universities in the world remains resolute. Studying in a globally renowned institution continues to be an enduring dream even though it is not easy to fund an international education.  


Dilli Bhatta, ESQ,  co-founder and lead attorney at says, "The US Citizenship and Immigration Services, in its 2022  report states that  71.9% of international students to the country come from Asia. There is infact a surge in U.S.-bound students, hailing from Punjab. Now a whopping number of Punjabis migrate to the country of which 38% do so on student visas. As per the Minister of State for External Affairs of India, V. Muraleedharan, between 2016 to 2021, Punjab had the highest number of student population migrating to the US. 3% of its population, including lakhs of students, have migrated to the US in the last five years."

 What explains this fascination for the U.S.? Says Bhatta, "Whether it is liberal arts or STEM related studies, technology or epistemology based courses, fashion or culinary degrees, the U.S. offers a profusion of academic choices. Whether they do their own research or go by The World Reputation Index, 2022 where seven out of the world's top ten universities are from the U.S., Indian students tend to gravitate towards American institutions. "

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, in a 2022 report, has stated that over 71.9% of international students in the U.S. come from Asia,  and Bhatta adds, "The number of Indians going to the U.S. increased by 12 percent in 2021. With nearly 4000 universities to choose from, students are drawn to the idea of choosing an institution that suits their budget and aspirations. Some even choose to study in less expensive community colleges."

 He points out that America is perceived as an aspirational, liberal, and diverse country and students also want to explore its multifaceted campus culture and connect with multi-racial peers from different parts of the world. Stimulating curricula, innovative teaching methods, practical skilling, exposure to a multitude of ideas, and interdisciplinary education attract Indian students in droves. He adds, "For Indian students, enrolling in an Ivy League college, building a career in the U.S. and the prospect of becoming the next Indra Nooyi or Satya Nadella is hugely attractive. Institutions like Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), John Hopkins University, Stanford University, and Columbia University have been the alumni of Nobel laureates and every student who walks into these campuses hopes to follow in their footsteps. "

 It goes without saying that today students with international exposure and skill-based education rank high in the employment market.  Informs Bhatta, "According to the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022, most employable graduates with required soft skills are from US Universities. Those wishing to work in the US can also extend their student visa up to three years through the Optional Practical Training Scheme (OPT). Later, they can apply for an H-1B or specialty occupation visa through their employer. There are challenges in the way of every goal but with persistence, academic dreams can come true."

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