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Priority is to improve the basic conditions in Ward No 3 says: Ajay Kumar Gautam

Chandigarh,Dec,17: With the announcement of the upcoming Chandigarh Municipal Corporation elections, every individual party is trying to attract the voters with new commitments but after winning very few of these are delivered. Keeping the local issues on the top priority to resolve an independent candidate Ajay Kumar Gautam, from ward no-3, who is contesting for the first time for Municipal Corporation elections with a vote sign Apple. He is well connected with all the major issues as he hails from Chandigarh Police line, sector-26, wanted to work for the development of the ward. 
Through his door-to-door campaigning, he will be making voters aware and express his confidence of doing his best to improve the condition of the ward. He is also motived the voter to step out and vote so that they can use their right properly, become the voice for the development.  
Voters of ward no 3 are sharing their expectations from the upcoming candidate and looking for the progress of the ward. Voters have highlighted the work which existing candidates have done, who had not taken care of the ward from many years & still laid down it in a pathetic condition. 

Ajay Kumar Gautam said, "I have my own milk booth, through which I’m in regular contact with the ward people. Their problems are remaining the same years old which were never resolved in any way. This is my first election and the reason for coming into politics is to solve these long pending problems and developing infrastructure, if we talk about the main issues of Bapu Dham, then to get the people the ownership of their houses, to build a walking track with Sukhna Chau, to build a dispensary. In Sector 26 converting a parking into a multi-level parking lot, opening a new community centre as well as undergrounding power lines, etc. 

Gautam also added, people living in police lines have problems that have never been talked about." Along with this, he also discussed about the future and employment of the youth. Independent candidate Ajay Kumar Gautam said that all the previous parties did not pay any attention to this ward, due to which the condition of this ward has become pathetic today. So decided to contest the election standing as an independent and make my ward problem free.

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