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Maiyaa Yashoda, over the moon as Lord Krishna crawls for the first time in Sony TV’s Yashomati Maiyaa Ke Nand lala

Chandigarh : Sony Entertainment Television’s Yashomati Maiyaa ke Nand lala is a refreshing narrative that depicts an unbreakable bond between a mother and her son. So far, viewers have seen how protective Maiyaa Yashoda is towards her Kanha and ensures no harm is caused to him. With the story progression, viewers will witness many more interesting tales that will further highlight the mother-son bond.
Here are some highlights that the viewers will soon witness in the show: Little Krishna continues to win hearts as he starts crawling for the first time. Maiyaa Yashoda is filled with abundance of emotions, witnessing her Kanha drag himself across the room. She feels fortunate to be a part of Krishna’s journey and is proud watching him grow up. Depicting the purest bond of a mother and son, Yashoda holds onto her child and supports him in taking little steps towards growing up.

Little Krishna glows up in glory as he begins to crawl for the first time ever. His eyes sparks in joy as he makes his way across the room, as if announcing his victory to everyoneYashoda and Nanda are elated to see their Little Kanha crawl on his own for the first time. They are filled with multiple emotions, as they fall in love with their child all over againYashoda shares the news of little Krishna crawling for the first time with everyone in excitement

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