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Shastrang Indian Modern Martial Art organises Black Belt Exam

Panchkula, August 22,2021:Shastrang Indian modern Martial Art organised Black Belt exam at Shastrang Headquarters in Sector 16, Panchkula. Examiner was Grandmaster Bikram S. Thapa, 9th Degree Black belt founder of Shastrang Martial Art.

Students who appeared for Black Belt Exam included: Abhay Dhanraj Bansal (age 12 years), Shriyam Ranjan (12), Akshit Kumar (11), Ayush Kumar (13), Kabir Nayyar (11), Payal Sharma (14), Arjun Gargesh (10), Yaspal (31). Students who appeared for the 3rd degree black Belt Exam were: Aashima Nidhi (15) and
Rosy (33).

Shastrang was developed by Grandmaster Bikram S. Thapa after using his extensive personal knowledge and experience of various martial arts together with relevant scientific principles. After a long career in martial arts, he was in the process of thinking to improvise the level of training of martial art.

Shastrang means “body becomes a weapon”. The term is derived from Sanskrit, where ‘Shastra’ means ‘weapon’ and ‘ang’ means ‘body’. The word signifies its meaning. It states that in case of a hostile situation, use your body as a weapon to protect someone. Body acts as a weapon for self-protection from various ailments.

During illness body fights with the harmful bacteria or virus. Proper exercise is essential to remain fit and boost immune system so that body enhances its capabilities. Every time it is not possible to accompany someone while going outside. While passing through secluded places be prepared to face dangerous situations. In the time of danger, your body exhibits its capabilities through renowned skills known as martial arts.

Martial art originated in India only. India is enriched with great holy culture and even foreigners started adopting it. Yoga is a key to improve one’s fitness. Now-a-days, it is being taught across the country. Yoga asanas are used in warm-up and cool-down exercises in Shastrang.

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