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India is quickly becoming one of the top music festival destinations in the world : Mr. Progressive

Chandigarh, March 10, 2023:Renowned DJ RDG  aliases Mr Progressive, thinks that India is quickly becoming one of the top music festival destinations in the world,India is now home to some of the biggest music festivals, such as Sunburn, Vh1 Supersonic, and magetic fields .These festivals are now offering mentorship programs and contests to help DJs get work. These programs often provide DJs with the opportunity to network with industry professionals, gain valuable experience, and even win prizes. There is a surge of new talent coming from non-metro cities, which is sign of electronic dance music (EDM) genre being widely accepted.

Mr. Progressive says that EDM is definitely big in India and it is only going to get bigger. EDM has been gaining popularity in India over the past few years, with more and more people attending EDM festivals and events. The EDM scene in India is growing rapidly, with more and more artists and DJs performing in the country. With the increasing popularity of EDM, more and more people are getting exposed to the genre and it is only going to get bigger from here.

He says that I am currently focusing on Mr. Progressive portfolio and am working very hard towards building the name and brand and getting established within the international community where the scene is really kicking off. I have also realised the most essential importance of idealising my production is to consistently get my tracks on international House music charts having them continuously stream and maintain a place in this market.This is the most important task for Mr. Progressive right now; to build recognition amongst the most successful artists in this genre so that collaborations, hook ups with labels and more and more festival shows become possible. This is my main motivation and ambition right now.

He said "Music is a great way to express myself and my emotions. It allows me to create something unique and personal that reflects my own style and personality. As an artist I love to experiment. Melodic and energetic sounds always  find their way in my music. I love mixing this with groovy and wide, growling bass lines to beautiful melodies. Lately I have produced a variety of sounds like groovy house, melodic techno, big room/progressive house . I am constantly looking for inspiration and to bring about changes in my music.In past five years I have created a space for myself in the electronic dance music scene and have given a lot to this genre by making more than 200 tracks.

In addition to his studio talents, Mr. Progressive is the owner of  "Shine Om Records". Today Shine Om Records  is a well accepted label."Shine Om Records" is also distributing its music on web portals like Spotify and Beatport (just to name a few) in order to reach a wider pool of followers and fans. "Shine Om Records" aim to release high quality music,focused on progressive house from established Names to new up coming talents .

His advice for the young aspiring artists is that  get into the industry only for the love of the music. Attraction for glamour is fatal to careers. Never give up. Keep experimenting. And sooner or later you will discover your original sound. And yes, the audiences of today is very well informed and so as creator one has to be updated constantly.Reach out to other DJs and producers in your area and build relationships. This will help you learn from others and get gigs. Follow your instinct and find your soul and great music will automatically find you. Passion and perseverance always pays, be it sooner or later.

Mr. Progressive's World of Music :

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