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3 babies undergo bilateral cochlear implant surgeries at Shalby Hospital

Chandigarh, March 27: Successful bilateral simultaneous cochlear implant surgeries were performed on three babies at Shalby Multispeciality Hospital, Mohali recently. The youngest of the implantee is a 1.5 years baby girl from Chandigarh and other two kids aged 2 and 2.5 years are from Kurukshetra and Fatehabad respectively.
Giving information during a press conference here on Monday, Dr Dhiraj Gurvinder Singh Senior Cochlear Implant Surgeon at Shalby Hospital said that cochlear implant surgery is a unique and very rewarding surgery for the children who are born deaf due to various reasons. As speech outcomes are directly linked to development of normal hearing, children who are born deaf are unable to normal speech abilities, he said.
Dr Dhiraj further explained that timely identification of hearing loss and intervention by cochlear implant surgery helps the child in achieving optimal hearing levels and good speech outcomes.
Congenital deafness has an incidence of around 1 to 2 in thousand new born babies. For such children early cochlear implantation is the only solution which can give the child near normal hearing, he informed.
“Human brain is inherently programmed for the Bin-Aural hearing system. Sound impulses from both ears are processed in the brain which helps the child to orient to the direction of sound on one hand and have better understanding and speech outcomes in a noisy environment on the other hand. Therefore speech outcomes are seen much better in bilaterally implanted children.” Dr Dhiraj maintained.
Meanwhile apart from Cochlear Implant surgery, the ENT Department at Shalby is a leading centre for surgeries and treatment of ear, nose, throat, sinus and head and neck cancer also. Shalby Hospital Mohali is fast emerging as the leading Cochlear Implant Surgery Centre in the region. Having achieved the distinction of performing 1st Bilateral Slim Modiolar Cochlear Implant surgery in the region last year, the Cochlear Implant surgery team led by Dr Dhiraj Gurvinder Singh added another feather in the cap to their success story.

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