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Ayurveda and Meditation Guru Acharya Manish

Chandigarh, Feb 6, 2022:The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has declared 2023 as the "International Year of Coarse Cereals." India sponsored the resolution to express the Year of Coarse Cereals or Millets. The resolution was later adopted unanimously and with the support of more than 70 countries out of 193 members. Shuddhi Wellness Clinics, a chain of 150+ clinics pan India with a team of 200+ doctors, has also been making constant efforts to include millets in the daily diet. The chain has its headquarters in tricity. 
Ayurveda & Meditation Guru Acharya Manish Ji, the founder of Shuddhi Wellness and HIIMS (Hospital & Institute of Integrated Medical Sciences),  said, "The United Nations has declared 2023 as the Year of Coarse Cereals, and we are also promoting coarse cereals (millets) on a large scale. These include unveiling various forms of packaged millets, the use of millets as a dietary supplement that helps naturally heal ailments, and the recently organized Millets Festival." In their Hospital & Institute of Integrated Medical Sciences & HIIMS Nature Cure Centers, they only serve food made from coarse grains & also teach people to add it to their daily lifestyle.

 According to Acharya Manish Ji, coarse grains like ''Bajra'' are more beneficial than wheat and rice to stay healthy and keep many diseases away. Millets include coarse cereals like Kangni, Green Kangni, Sawaan, Kodo, Kutki, Bajra, Ragi, Gram, Jowar, and Maize. Millets can keep the body healthy and disease-free. This is because they are rich in Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, protein, minerals, etc. But unfortunately, the kind of wheat consumed nowadays is genetically modified.

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